Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Sorry for the tardiness of recent months.  The long running renovation of my house finally came to an end about 6 weeks ago – officially just after the September LAG meeting (which we had here anyway) and just before the postponed 2nd Australasian Gathering (which I thought was very successful – most participants went home with an almost built model).  Since then we have been moving back in and getting things like the kitchen and bedrooms sorted.  Computers and IT devices, haven’t been high on the list but eventually got to the top.
So what has been happening?  Quite a bit.  As alluded to above, the 2nd Australasian Gathering of the 2mm Scale Association was held, albeit in September rather than August as originally planned.  This meant some of those who originally were hoping to come couldn’t but we did manage to get a UK based member here to quite pleased.  We focused our efforts on soldering this year – something a bit more practical than the meet and greet from last year – and started (or in one case almost finished) a D1817 LMS Beer van.  More on both of these will appear in the Magazine in due course and here on the blog.  We even had the opportunity to operate locos – and not just on David H’s Toshalt which had previously been lauded for breaking the drought of many years.
As far as the LAG has gone, we are back meeting at my place following 8 moths of visiting.  Amity has very kindly allowed us to use her 36sq mtr craft room in lieu of the shed – still stuff to come out of the shed and there is better light and insulation in her “Girl Cave” compared to my “Man Cave”.   Hopefully by December we will see a couple of the started “Diorama in an Archive Box” challenge entries finished – must get stuck into mine.
Sorry no pictures – hopefully the camera will be sorted shortly and there will be further updates of happenings then.