Thursday, July 29, 2010

GWR P19 from Mill Lane Sidings

Richard Bardsley is a brave bloke - or nuts (there is a chance of both). He decided that the Parkside Dundas Grampus could do with some alternative ends which would provide modellers with the opportunity to produce either the GWR P19 ballast wagon which gave rise to the Grampus or the Rudd, the rebuilt air braked version of that noble fishkind wagon. Having organised same - and presumably found the readies to pay for it - he asked for those keen to have something a little different to put their hands up (or rather into the pockets) and help out.

Being a sucker - and also looking for something different - I hit the books and decided that, tempting though a Rudd was (see the list of Australian Prime Ministers at - and given that the 26th managed to lose out to a Red Death there was the thought of a EWS 66 to haul it - or push it...) it was too late for even my dabble in more recent railways of Britain so I plumped for 5 of the GWR P19s.

These arrived in this mornings post - can't tell you if it was fast or slow as I can't remember when Richard announced he had posted them - and the example above was built tonight. The other four will probably get done tomorrow in front of the Footy. All that is left to do is fit couplings and organise some of the transfers organised by Richard with Robbie's Rolling Stock.

Anyone interested in getting same can get in touch with Richard via the Mill Lane Sidings website ( where other oddities can be had - I previously have built some of his GWR Aero Wagons and rate these amongst the most challenging but most satisfying kits I have built. I think the Aeros are now only obtainable via the NGS shop.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nuclear Power

My most recent N Gauge FO is this TPM FNA Nuclear Flask carrier kit. Transfers are the recommended Fox F2190 pack and there are plenty to put on each side. I still have to weather it (probably use this as the subject of a "shows you how" type post similar to the Jinty renumber below) and finish the train (HEA hoppers and a brakevan for early 80's working - although most likely the train will get 73101 in Pullman at the front - just to be different!). Quite an easy kit as it is resin with some brass and nickel silver (I think) detailing bits and plastic bogies. I seem not to have put the bogies together well as they aren't running as smoothly as I would like so they may be candidates for 2mm FSA nickel silver etches as I get these running much better.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Taking Stock

Having been inspired by the 2mm Golden Jubilee Expo (see below) and getting a bit of a wriggle on, I decided to take stock of the available bits and pieces which have been put together for Elm Road.

The present whole is shown above. One J70 running on a Pro-Hobbies chassis (yes, an 0-4-0 but you can't see the wheels!) with behind the 3 Parkwood vans already finished, 4 Bachfar vans waiting conversion (Mr Shop 2 tells me I have the axles in a wee baggie waiting for me) and the Banana Van I got as a wedding anniversary present from Amity.

Train two has Mavis (Farish 04 waiting for the drop in wheels to become available!) and the original 2mm stuff I did 12 months ago (yes Michael it is that long!) and published on RM Web3. These need weathering - I intend doing something about this soon and will take pictures of the process and put them up similar to the transferring entry I wrote.

As for the rest - some 2mmFSA RCH and Midland opens waiting to be finished off. Amity's first attempt at weathering is shown on the MR and LMS lettered examples. Right at the front is the first W&U 4 wheel tram coach built from David Eveleigh's kits (which is the source for the J70). My status as a novice is readily apparent as I actually have to take it apart because I got a bit carried away and as it presently is, I can't glaze it!!! Still, better to find this out on the first - before the other 5 are built.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday Night Update

No photos - there will be some by the end of the weekend - but I figure that if I strive to make a regular update on Friday evenings after the AFL match (which is when I always have "time") then I will keep on getting on with it.

Tonight was paint shop night. Amity and I built wagon bodies on Wednesday - the last three Parkwood Fruit vans, two Chivers LNER Horseboxes, a NGS Midland van and I made a start on a 2mmFSA GER Cattle wagon. Tonight the Fruits and Horseboxes were painted along with 4 opens which have been sitting in the UFO pile - these have been painted in four different shades of grey with the plan of making them into LNWR, MR, GER and GNR opens although a bit of research won't go astray on which is going to match the shades I chose. I also put another coat of red on an Ultima LMS CCT kit which is coming along nicely.

So the state of play on the UFO is I have well surpassed the challenge of 10 items - I have in fact done more like 40. When the NGS shop re-opens after the annual holiday a few more items will be finished off, including my fictitious Cl 60 repaint - partly inspired by (readers of my RMWeb3 blog may remember my first entry was showcasing 61001 - aka a Cl 66 in Rail Blue with Arrows).

Next on the list will be doing chassis for the 3 fruits, the MR van and two of the opens; finishing the cattle wagon and putting transfers on all along with my TPM FNA Flask Wagon. Then there is the small matter of the two Ultima Maunsel R0 Brake Thirds for Jessica's third birthday present (to go with the Dapol M7 she got when she came home from hospital in 2007! Get them early is my motto...)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Stock for Elm Road

The weather improved today so spraying was a go.

As promised yesterday, here are the three Parkwood LNER Fruit vans. They are running on LNER 8 clasp brake chassis from the 2mm FSA and have been transferred using MMT089 - Ex LNER Fruit vans from the NGS Shop. I used Precision BR Bauxite for the bodies, Humbrol 32 for the roof and whatever the cheapest can of flat black spray I could find for the chassis.

There is still a couple of things to finish off - vacuum cylinders and weathering. Then there is the issue of couplings. At this point in time, there will be 6 of these (note the three are all different - one with roof vents and one without in the planked side variety) and they will be joined by 4 Bacfar BR Fruit vans (hopefully I "win" enough axles in the Shop 2 Lottery on the weekend!) in a train which will probably have a J70 in BR Early crest at the front. For Elm Road there will be no need to shunt so I am thinking of using the Matherson Models 3 links (I know these would be joined by screwlinks but finding working ones in 2mm is proving a little hard!) and having this rake permanently coupled. The longer term plan for Outwell Basin would see some being shunted but only 3 or 4 from a train so they would be new builds for the new layout I guess.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to 2mm

Following on the 2mm Association Expo last weekend in Oxford (sadly not attended by yours truly - far too far away!) I got inspired to get back into doing some 2mm stuff - still UFO related however.One of my first (possibly the first) 2mmFSA etched kits. This was put together with my old soldering kit and as such not done to the standards I am now getting with the temp. controlled iron (and more practice!). It is the first of the collection I am building up for a remake of my exhibition layout "St Alban's Priory". The remake will be 2mm, not N, and will be "St Alban's Abbey" - the actual station I based Priory on. A couple more will be heading Down Under in due course. Please forgive the wonky LNWR - looks all right in real size but enlarged photos of 2mm stuff are cruel!

In light of David Eveleigh winning the GJLC with his layout and given it was his W&U kits which lead me to joining, I also cracked on with some stock for Amity's and my planned layout based on the Elm Road stopping place. Unfortunately the weather in Longreach has meant the spraying of the chassis of the 3 LNER Fruit vans hasn't happened so no photos - but all that is needed is the spraying, the fitting and the choice of couplings. These vans are Parkwood ones and have been transfered using the appropriate MMT transfers from the NGS - more details when finished and uploaded.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Photo update

The photo update - or at least some of them. The TTA's will get done tomorrow.

NGS Weltrol - Kit 31. Transfers supplied in the kit.

Not sure that a traction engine would be loaded on one of these - can't see how you would drive it on or off at the other end, but I thought it looked OK - the chimney should be folded for transit or it is Out of Gauge. Pretty sure it is the Fleetline one painted to be Trevor from Thomas the Tank Engine - destined for a corner of a layout under a tree cutting wood or similar.

Chivers Finelines LMS Plate wagon (I have two). This has been transferred using some from MMT072 (BR & Ex LNER Plate/Tube/China Clay) left over from the Chivers Tube wagons mentioned earlier, and some from MMT567 (Ex LMS Long Low/Flat/Mineral Wagons). This is now on the Masterclass Models chassis from the 2MM FSA.

Chivers Finelines LMS Long Low using the MMT567 pack and Masterclass Models chassis mentioned above. I replaced all the Chivers Chassis with the Masterclass ones as I got these to run better!

Chivers Finelines LMS Double Bolster. This used some transfers from MMT087 (BR Pre Nat Machinery and Bolster Wagons) as well as number panels from MMT567. Chassis as above.


I set myself the goal of making a post weekly when I started this blog back at the beginning of the year - and I figured that I could at least make a fortnightly post even if the weekly was ambitious. I noticed however that June passed with only one post. This I put solely down to work and the demands of the end of semester reporting which saw me write 110 reports (having administered exams or marked assignments for the students whom the reports were about).

So with school holidays a week old and Hollie's 4th birthday party out of the road (she had a Thomas the Tank Engine cake - I will try and dig up a picture as it looked pretty good if I do say so myself!) I have gotten back into it over the last few days.

Mum and Dad came from Hollie's birthday and brought with them some more of my UFOs which were stored at their house in Brisbane. This has enabled me to pretty much finish off the rake of 10 Peco TTA wagons to travel around behind one of my Blue Cl 33s. I used Fox transfers for this - their sheet F2120 which is for TTAs and includes Hazcem panels and pretty well all you would need for 10 wagons which is good. The bad - well they only have enough TTA Tops Data panels in white on black for 9 wagons. Incidentally they have enough black writing on white backgrounds for 6 wagons yet enough of everything else to do 10 wagons. You would think, at least I did, that if there are 20 Hazcems, 20 No Naked Lights, 20 etc (you get the picture) there would be 20 white on black and 20 black on white so people could do 10 wagons all up.

Anyway, since our good digital camera ended up in the washing machine on Monday, there are no photos until there is some good light tomorrow - and hopefully it will be a nice enough day tomorrow to do some spray painting which will see a few other things closer to being finished too.