Sunday, April 25, 2010


Today is a significant day in Australia's short history. It is the 95th Anniversary of the landings of the combined Australian and New Zealand Army Corp at Gallipoli in Turkey on the 25th of April, 1915. The landings were at the behest of Winston Churchill and the Admiralty in Britain to try and force a passage through the Dardanelles to the Black Sea. Unfortunately all that was gained was a terrible loss of life on the side of both the ANZACs and the Turks.

In Australia and New Zealand it has become the main day to remember those who served in the armed forces of both nations in conflicts around the globe - and to remember the sacrifice made by those who didn't come home or who, like my great-grandfather, came home injured.

To those who are still serving - thank you. To those who gave it all, Lest We Forget.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bogie Luggage Van

So this is the current state. The grills need to have the second coat of white on them and then glazing needs to be done. I am toying with either the plastic cut out idea (not sure how this will work as I don't have a template anymore!!!) or using crystal clear (which may not be how you spell it but it will do!). Bogies and transfers to do.
Any one know of a good picture to show the lettering on one of these? Email me or, better yet, leave a comment. If leaving a comment, please leave your location (city/country - no need for street/postcode) as I discovered I am linked to the 2mm website tonight (which I didn't know but it is nice so thanks whoever did that!) and I would like to know who is reading/watching - thanks!
PS - I made a start in front of the footy last night on some GER coaches from David E of the Darkest Essex Group - two more attacked today, again in front of the footy. Bombers won tonight which meant the brake third wasn't finished!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different...

In amongst the mail today (well the parcels delivery - one from Hatton's alluded to in the It Moves!!! entry and a second on from Aust-N-Rail was these four wagons. They aren't for my British stuff - they are Victorian Railways wagons. In fact, from what little research I have done, they are two of the top 3 types of wagons used in the 1950-1970's on the 5'3" VR system. They are a GY open and three B type vans. The Bs all have different numbers on them as supplied which is nice. The GY was the only red one available on the website - eventually it will be joined by a handful more. The current plan is to run them with a BadgerBits K class but a Aust-N-Rail T class may get a gig sooner. The picture is taken on the Darling Daughters Kato trainset.

It Moves!!!!

Toby - the prototype J70 - moved for the first time under his own power today.

The little chassis has been filed to fit - I will take a couple of photos of it later when I pull it out to do a bit more work and add some weight - and it was given a spin around Hollie, Jessica and Hannah's train set (Kato Unitrack).

As it happened the latest Brown Paper Package, Tied Up with String (cue music...) turned up from Hatton's today and it contained 4 BR Fruit vans which will be converted to 2mm FS and used to supplement the stock on Elm Road. Toby was given these to push and managed 3 of the four quite well. A bit of fettling of the axles on the vans and some weight in the loco in the right spots and all should be well. Not bad for only one powered axle!!!

Ultima Models

I got the two models shown below on Tuesday (6 April) and made a start on the SR BLV that night. Mostly finished I got it to the stage shown Wednesday morning. The Monster I did on Wednesday afternoon. Both are very enjoyable kits to build.

Ultima Models SR Bogie Luggage Van Dia 3096/3098

Ultima Models GWR Monster (Giant) Dia P18

I blame my mate Ben Lawson for these actually. He got an example of the BLV to run on his Sturminister Newton Layout with his Pines Express set. His blog is here: Scroll down if necessary for the pictures of his BLV.

Neither of us have managed to work out a satisfactory way of doing the roof overlay yet.

Next on the Ultima list is their Siphon F and Thompson BG kits - they were ordered last night.

You will notice (hopefully) that they don't have bogies. The BLV doesn't come with bogies and will end up on 2mm FSA 8' SR Steam Bogies. The Monster does come with bogies but I decided they are a bit rough and I will put the 2mm FSA bogies under it too. The kit for the Monster apparently comes with buffers but mine was missing these (if they are supposed to be in there - the instructions have a few things which I noticed could do with updating but Ultima is still coming back on line after a hiatus so fair play). It isn't a big deal as I will get said buffers from the 2mm FSA when I get the bogies. The Thompson needs bogies too so once I work out which type I will fill in my order to Shop 4 - the next order that is! Do UFOs ever run out???

Next job is to prime and then paint. The Monster will end up Humbrol Number 10 with a light grey roof and distressed GW lettering (the plan being to run it in both the 1930-1940's and also in the early BR period). The BLV is going to be Green - Dulux Fiddly Bits Heritage Green for those of you in Australia. Available at Bunnings for not much.

Monday, April 5, 2010


We have been having a few computer issues but I will tempt fate and have a go at updating my blog with what has been happening.

The first thing to report is I built, some time ago now, one of the 2mm LMS/BR Buffer Stops.

This looks like it has been the victim of a bit of a hard shunt but is much, much nicer than the Peco version. I am thinking of getting some of the LNWR ones to replace the collection on St Alban's Priory - I will be definitely getting them for St Alban's Abbey when I get around to it. Assuming the rain stops, it will get painted tomorrow - along with a few other things building up.

Tonight I made an attempt on my Worsley Works 2EPB scratch aid. I can't remember if this is 2mm or N gauge - I suspect 2mm as it doesn't fit the Farish Mk1 donor coach at all being too short. In any case, with the aid of the new solder station (not that it is new any more!) no dramas in making up the basic body. Farish Mk 1 roof, cut up chassis for chassis and it is looking ok. All over Blue paint and we shall see how to power the kit. I still have the other coach to do.

The other thing I have started is my TPM 4-VEP insert kit. Again, so far so good with the sides done for the MBSO. Still not sure how this will be powered either. I have TPM motorizing kits to use but the MLV wasn't a great success so now thinking of GWR Railcar chassis. Will have to investigate.