Thursday, April 8, 2010

It Moves!!!!

Toby - the prototype J70 - moved for the first time under his own power today.

The little chassis has been filed to fit - I will take a couple of photos of it later when I pull it out to do a bit more work and add some weight - and it was given a spin around Hollie, Jessica and Hannah's train set (Kato Unitrack).

As it happened the latest Brown Paper Package, Tied Up with String (cue music...) turned up from Hatton's today and it contained 4 BR Fruit vans which will be converted to 2mm FS and used to supplement the stock on Elm Road. Toby was given these to push and managed 3 of the four quite well. A bit of fettling of the axles on the vans and some weight in the loco in the right spots and all should be well. Not bad for only one powered axle!!!

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