Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bogie Luggage Van

So this is the current state. The grills need to have the second coat of white on them and then glazing needs to be done. I am toying with either the plastic cut out idea (not sure how this will work as I don't have a template anymore!!!) or using crystal clear (which may not be how you spell it but it will do!). Bogies and transfers to do.
Any one know of a good picture to show the lettering on one of these? Email me or, better yet, leave a comment. If leaving a comment, please leave your location (city/country - no need for street/postcode) as I discovered I am linked to the 2mm website tonight (which I didn't know but it is nice so thanks whoever did that!) and I would like to know who is reading/watching - thanks!
PS - I made a start in front of the footy last night on some GER coaches from David E of the Darkest Essex Group - two more attacked today, again in front of the footy. Bombers won tonight which meant the brake third wasn't finished!


  1. Hi from the South East UK

    your doing better than I

  2. Kevin the bogie van looks very nice, you seem to be a quick worker. You will find David's etches good to build, if you don't know that already. Keep up the good work.

    Peter Whitehead
    2mm Assoc.

  3. Thanks for the comments gents.

    I don’t think I am that fast – more the stars aligned and I got lucky with some time. I got a week off from work after Easter and the eldest two daughters are well trained so I was able to work while Darling Daughter 3 (who is 13 months) was asleep as well as evenings. Mind you, had my footy team not been playing their arch rivals (think Everton and Liverpool; Celtic and Rangers) I would probably have gotten more done Saturday evening as well.