Thursday, April 8, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different...

In amongst the mail today (well the parcels delivery - one from Hatton's alluded to in the It Moves!!! entry and a second on from Aust-N-Rail was these four wagons. They aren't for my British stuff - they are Victorian Railways wagons. In fact, from what little research I have done, they are two of the top 3 types of wagons used in the 1950-1970's on the 5'3" VR system. They are a GY open and three B type vans. The Bs all have different numbers on them as supplied which is nice. The GY was the only red one available on the website - eventually it will be joined by a handful more. The current plan is to run them with a BadgerBits K class but a Aust-N-Rail T class may get a gig sooner. The picture is taken on the Darling Daughters Kato trainset.

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