Monday, June 14, 2010

Still plugging away

The UFO list is shrinking - but only by degrees until this weekend so nothing really to report. However, this weekend has seen some significant progress as a number of things have moved from the UFO pile to the FO pile. This is because I got a few packages from Shop 3 of the 2mm FSA, the NGS Shop and from Iain Smith who kindly organised some stuff from BHE at the NGS AGM.

First off is the Ultima Giant which was mentioned back in April. I got a set of bogies from the 2mm FSA (the kit comes with a set but the 2mm ones are neater and more 3D, particularly with the springing detail) and cut up a set of transfers from the NGS (MMT575 - actually for Siphon G and H and a few other bits and pieces but the right colours and it is possibly to cut GIANT out of Paddington and get a number etc). I am still fettling the couplings - the current position has too great a gap although it does look OK with some Dapol GWR liveried Collets.

Next are two of the 5 Chivers Tube wagons I have built. These are now on etched chassis from Shop 2 which means they run much better than previous. When I got the transfers (MMT072) I found that there was only one set for a fitted wagon and 4 for unfitted. I had a look to see if I could cut and shut some for fitted wagons (all 5 of mine were painted bauxite) but decided this wasn't practical so I painted 4 grey and will sort out the vacuum cylinders (naturally enough, the one I didn't paint hasn't got one and 2 of the 4 I did I had glued one on).

Other activity has seen my Ultima Thompson BG get sorted - I haven't taken a satisfactory photo yet - and my Siphon F get transfered (same pack as the Giant - at least I didn't have to cut up letters to put Siphon on it!) but the bogies need painting and fitting. I got one of the pair of 2mm SR 8' bogies for my SR Luggage Van done last night and will try and get the other done tonight. No transfers yet for this - looking to see if there are any on the MMT551 sheet I have for my Chivers CCT/PMV's which I can use. At NVD it is more the look than the accuracy (the Giant proclaims empty to Paddington on it - trust me!) so we shall see.

In other UFO news, transfers are in hand for a few other projects - but as the wagons in question are presently 1200kms away at my parents it will have to wait. Hopefully when they visit at the end of the month for Hollie's 4th birthday, they will bring same with them.