Monday, April 5, 2010


We have been having a few computer issues but I will tempt fate and have a go at updating my blog with what has been happening.

The first thing to report is I built, some time ago now, one of the 2mm LMS/BR Buffer Stops.

This looks like it has been the victim of a bit of a hard shunt but is much, much nicer than the Peco version. I am thinking of getting some of the LNWR ones to replace the collection on St Alban's Priory - I will be definitely getting them for St Alban's Abbey when I get around to it. Assuming the rain stops, it will get painted tomorrow - along with a few other things building up.

Tonight I made an attempt on my Worsley Works 2EPB scratch aid. I can't remember if this is 2mm or N gauge - I suspect 2mm as it doesn't fit the Farish Mk1 donor coach at all being too short. In any case, with the aid of the new solder station (not that it is new any more!) no dramas in making up the basic body. Farish Mk 1 roof, cut up chassis for chassis and it is looking ok. All over Blue paint and we shall see how to power the kit. I still have the other coach to do.

The other thing I have started is my TPM 4-VEP insert kit. Again, so far so good with the sides done for the MBSO. Still not sure how this will be powered either. I have TPM motorizing kits to use but the MLV wasn't a great success so now thinking of GWR Railcar chassis. Will have to investigate.


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