Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to 2mm

Following on the 2mm Association Expo last weekend in Oxford (sadly not attended by yours truly - far too far away!) I got inspired to get back into doing some 2mm stuff - still UFO related however.One of my first (possibly the first) 2mmFSA etched kits. This was put together with my old soldering kit and as such not done to the standards I am now getting with the temp. controlled iron (and more practice!). It is the first of the collection I am building up for a remake of my exhibition layout "St Alban's Priory". The remake will be 2mm, not N, and will be "St Alban's Abbey" - the actual station I based Priory on. A couple more will be heading Down Under in due course. Please forgive the wonky LNWR - looks all right in real size but enlarged photos of 2mm stuff are cruel!

In light of David Eveleigh winning the GJLC with his layout and given it was his W&U kits which lead me to joining, I also cracked on with some stock for Amity's and my planned layout based on the Elm Road stopping place. Unfortunately the weather in Longreach has meant the spraying of the chassis of the 3 LNER Fruit vans hasn't happened so no photos - but all that is needed is the spraying, the fitting and the choice of couplings. These vans are Parkwood ones and have been transfered using the appropriate MMT transfers from the NGS - more details when finished and uploaded.

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