Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nuclear Power

My most recent N Gauge FO is this TPM FNA Nuclear Flask carrier kit. Transfers are the recommended Fox F2190 pack and there are plenty to put on each side. I still have to weather it (probably use this as the subject of a "shows you how" type post similar to the Jinty renumber below) and finish the train (HEA hoppers and a brakevan for early 80's working - although most likely the train will get 73101 in Pullman at the front - just to be different!). Quite an easy kit as it is resin with some brass and nickel silver (I think) detailing bits and plastic bogies. I seem not to have put the bogies together well as they aren't running as smoothly as I would like so they may be candidates for 2mm FSA nickel silver etches as I get these running much better.

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