Friday, July 9, 2010

Stock for Elm Road

The weather improved today so spraying was a go.

As promised yesterday, here are the three Parkwood LNER Fruit vans. They are running on LNER 8 clasp brake chassis from the 2mm FSA and have been transferred using MMT089 - Ex LNER Fruit vans from the NGS Shop. I used Precision BR Bauxite for the bodies, Humbrol 32 for the roof and whatever the cheapest can of flat black spray I could find for the chassis.

There is still a couple of things to finish off - vacuum cylinders and weathering. Then there is the issue of couplings. At this point in time, there will be 6 of these (note the three are all different - one with roof vents and one without in the planked side variety) and they will be joined by 4 Bacfar BR Fruit vans (hopefully I "win" enough axles in the Shop 2 Lottery on the weekend!) in a train which will probably have a J70 in BR Early crest at the front. For Elm Road there will be no need to shunt so I am thinking of using the Matherson Models 3 links (I know these would be joined by screwlinks but finding working ones in 2mm is proving a little hard!) and having this rake permanently coupled. The longer term plan for Outwell Basin would see some being shunted but only 3 or 4 from a train so they would be new builds for the new layout I guess.


  1. Kevin, re the three link couplings check this link and scroll to the bottom of the page.

    Peter Whitehead (Marks Quay)

  2. Thanks Peter - I have sent an email but haven't heard back.