Saturday, July 3, 2010


I set myself the goal of making a post weekly when I started this blog back at the beginning of the year - and I figured that I could at least make a fortnightly post even if the weekly was ambitious. I noticed however that June passed with only one post. This I put solely down to work and the demands of the end of semester reporting which saw me write 110 reports (having administered exams or marked assignments for the students whom the reports were about).

So with school holidays a week old and Hollie's 4th birthday party out of the road (she had a Thomas the Tank Engine cake - I will try and dig up a picture as it looked pretty good if I do say so myself!) I have gotten back into it over the last few days.

Mum and Dad came from Hollie's birthday and brought with them some more of my UFOs which were stored at their house in Brisbane. This has enabled me to pretty much finish off the rake of 10 Peco TTA wagons to travel around behind one of my Blue Cl 33s. I used Fox transfers for this - their sheet F2120 which is for TTAs and includes Hazcem panels and pretty well all you would need for 10 wagons which is good. The bad - well they only have enough TTA Tops Data panels in white on black for 9 wagons. Incidentally they have enough black writing on white backgrounds for 6 wagons yet enough of everything else to do 10 wagons. You would think, at least I did, that if there are 20 Hazcems, 20 No Naked Lights, 20 etc (you get the picture) there would be 20 white on black and 20 black on white so people could do 10 wagons all up.

Anyway, since our good digital camera ended up in the washing machine on Monday, there are no photos until there is some good light tomorrow - and hopefully it will be a nice enough day tomorrow to do some spray painting which will see a few other things closer to being finished too.

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