Sunday, July 18, 2010

Taking Stock

Having been inspired by the 2mm Golden Jubilee Expo (see below) and getting a bit of a wriggle on, I decided to take stock of the available bits and pieces which have been put together for Elm Road.

The present whole is shown above. One J70 running on a Pro-Hobbies chassis (yes, an 0-4-0 but you can't see the wheels!) with behind the 3 Parkwood vans already finished, 4 Bachfar vans waiting conversion (Mr Shop 2 tells me I have the axles in a wee baggie waiting for me) and the Banana Van I got as a wedding anniversary present from Amity.

Train two has Mavis (Farish 04 waiting for the drop in wheels to become available!) and the original 2mm stuff I did 12 months ago (yes Michael it is that long!) and published on RM Web3. These need weathering - I intend doing something about this soon and will take pictures of the process and put them up similar to the transferring entry I wrote.

As for the rest - some 2mmFSA RCH and Midland opens waiting to be finished off. Amity's first attempt at weathering is shown on the MR and LMS lettered examples. Right at the front is the first W&U 4 wheel tram coach built from David Eveleigh's kits (which is the source for the J70). My status as a novice is readily apparent as I actually have to take it apart because I got a bit carried away and as it presently is, I can't glaze it!!! Still, better to find this out on the first - before the other 5 are built.

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  1. Hey,
    How did you find the David Eveleigh kits? And did you manage to email or did you have to phone him to order? I have tried to find an email address with no luck...
    At the moment I am looking at doing a 3d printed version as well...