Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday Night Update

No photos - there will be some by the end of the weekend - but I figure that if I strive to make a regular update on Friday evenings after the AFL match (which is when I always have "time") then I will keep on getting on with it.

Tonight was paint shop night. Amity and I built wagon bodies on Wednesday - the last three Parkwood Fruit vans, two Chivers LNER Horseboxes, a NGS Midland van and I made a start on a 2mmFSA GER Cattle wagon. Tonight the Fruits and Horseboxes were painted along with 4 opens which have been sitting in the UFO pile - these have been painted in four different shades of grey with the plan of making them into LNWR, MR, GER and GNR opens although a bit of research won't go astray on which is going to match the shades I chose. I also put another coat of red on an Ultima LMS CCT kit which is coming along nicely.

So the state of play on the UFO is I have well surpassed the challenge of 10 items - I have in fact done more like 40. When the NGS shop re-opens after the annual holiday a few more items will be finished off, including my fictitious Cl 60 repaint - partly inspired by (readers of my RMWeb3 blog may remember my first entry was showcasing 61001 - aka a Cl 66 in Rail Blue with Arrows).

Next on the list will be doing chassis for the 3 fruits, the MR van and two of the opens; finishing the cattle wagon and putting transfers on all along with my TPM FNA Flask Wagon. Then there is the small matter of the two Ultima Maunsel R0 Brake Thirds for Jessica's third birthday present (to go with the Dapol M7 she got when she came home from hospital in 2007! Get them early is my motto...)

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