Monday, March 10, 2014

South East Queensland Area Group Meeting – 8 March 2014

Our monthly meeting took place last Saturday with members working on their own projects – or attempting to!  David had planned on have a go with his recently purchased quartering jig but found he had left a couple of critical things at home – like the chassis he was working on.  In the end, he added to the potential pile of UFOs by searching around the 2mm Scale Association Shop and Shapeways looking for bits and pieces.

Graeme returned after missing last month, away at a BRMA committee meeting.  He  was seen in possession of a Chivers GWR Python kit and enthusing over Ben’s latest purchase – the new Jinty.  All agreed the latest Jinty makes the old one look exactly that – old.  Quite a few are likely to be heading down under considering there are 5 of the group who model the LMS in general terms and all can justify at least one.

Ben was working on some Chivers Horseboxes, finishing off the painting on them.  While he was working on that, your correspondent got out the un-made NGS Kit 47 and 48 from the UFO draw.  These are ex-Parkwood kits which have been released by the NGS with transfers and so forth in the box.  Similar to the old Jinty, they are showing their age but provide something a little different in a train so worth it if you are a NGS member – and as they are very basic, 5 parts to the kit, a pretty good entry to the art of kit building.

kit 47 48

Anthony and Greg spent some time working on one of Anthony’s locos which wasn’t running well.  Initial thoughts turned towards the track laying (bear in mind this was done 15 years ago and all my locos run happily…) but eventually it was found some back to backs needed sorting and then things worked ok.  Anthony also brought along his model of Conwy Castle – or the current progress.  Readers of his blog on RM Web will doubtless know all about it – everyone else can find it here

Conwy 2

Don and Barbara were working on something that looked like a scratch build but I am afraid I didn’t get a closer look so can’t comment!! Sorry!  Barbara is interested in finding out what the loco was on 1E25 on Monday 7 June 1971 (1600 Edinburgh Waverley to Kings Cross arriving 2157 – best bet so far is a Deltic but which one would be nice.  Possibilities  are 9009 and 9020 as they seemed to be on KX-Ed and vice versa turns then).  If you know or have a photo, can you please get in touch.

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