Saturday, June 13, 2015

South East Queensland Area Group Meeting –13 June 2015

Same day report – don’t get used to it!  (And yes – apologies for not having one last month at all!)

6 of us gathered at a new venue (well new in the sense we haven’t been there as the LAG before but only one of us had never been at all) today where the highlight was the presence of David’s 2mm layout of which video was shot – more of which anon.


Some discussion was had around the 2mm scale layout Greg has out the back of his place having obtained it from estate of the bloke who introduced him and I to 2mm Finescale in the first place.  I suspect that 2016 could see it finally getting done, some 13 years or so after Andy’s unfortunately early departure from this life.

Once modelling got underway, all of us worked on our various projects.


Ben and Greg did something about replicating the lamp posts pictured at Sturminister Newton for his layout.  You guess the height of the fence, do some drawing and some scaling, bit of maths then get a paper clip, some bits of plastic tube of various outside diameters, a sequin and bead and voilà – lamp post.  The assembly judge it pretty good but felt the lamp was too close to the bend so some tweaking needs to be done for the production run.  Still, not bad for half an hour!


Barbara continued on with her N Gauge Society GWR wagon project, this time doing the opens which come as part of Kit 48.


Don kept on going with his pair of GWR Milk Brakes from Etched Pixels – I think this is the second of the pair under construction but I forgot to ask.

David, flushed with the success of the running session, got the servomotor for the fourth point mounted and wired.  It now just needs the blades installed and the programing done and he’ll have the ability to run around a train.  Next month…


I carried on with building the Severn Models Semi-detached Houses (N7 in their catalogue) of which I obtained 8 examples as part of their Kickstarter Campaign last year.  I decided early on based on their published dimensions that they were more suited to terraces than semi-detached and so I am building them as a terrace of 2 up 2 down houses. 

So a very productive get together.  Next meeting is the 11th of July.  Hopefully I will have Swallow’s End running for that one so we will have two 2mm planks operational.

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