Thursday, April 28, 2016


The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry - at least that's the Sassenach translation of Robbie Burns' ode To a Mouse.  Like lots of clichéd lines, it has the benefit of truth behind it.  So it is with me.  Updating the blog didn't happen mostly because, well, lots of reasons, but as I tell my students, you always find time for what is important.  Guess updating wasn't for a while!  Still, it nags at me and I do get requests from time to time to "update your blog!  I want to see what you've been doing" so...

What have I been doing?  Lots but on the assumption it should be railway related, not as much as I'd like.  However, some of the things which I will write about over the coming weeks (having decided to get the Friday Night Update going again - I can do this in front of the TV), include the build of an LMS D1817 Beer van, a LNWR D15 Beer van (both my 3D print and an etch organised via the 2mm Scale Association) and my adventures in 3D printing courtesy of my Aldi Printer.  There is also the final round of pictures of my Nuclear Flask Loading Facility Diorama which I did for the LAG Diorama Challenge last year - although Neb Noswal has stolen my thunder a bit by actually putting it on his blog on the day we did it!  The benefits of organisation.
Further adventures are planned - I got the whole sheet of LNWR etches offered last year so I have a number of builds to do - 6x D33, a D43, a D13, a D26, a pair each of D16 and D17 brake vans and then some NPCCS items - a pair of horse boxes and a CCT.  To round out the LNWR stuff there has been some deliveries from Shapeways of Chris Higgs' designs which will require chassis - and have given me food for thought in tweaking my own designs.  I also partook in the LNWR Coal Tank subscription so 4 of those are going to be erected in due course.  Not sure if I'll do them individually or as a batch production.  And finally there is news on the Layout Front.
I am also looking forward to attending the 2mm Supermeet near Burton-on-Trent in late June.
So that's the news - first Friday night update tomorrow, with photos (although to be honest, I am pretty slack at taking photos as part of the build process - too busy doing the next bit).

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  1. Sounds like you're going to be busy, Kevin - look forward to seeing some pictures!