Tuesday, June 23, 2020


One of the more interesting perils of being a high school teacher is the students periodically decide to do a Google search on you.  And if you are really "lucky" they find you.  This happened to me recently and so my blog was dusted off from the internet and I had to show some of my stuff to kids who were slightly more than politely interested.  They think others may be interested in what I've been up to modelling wise over the last two years and so have challenged me to up date the blog over the next couple of weeks with some news.

With this in mind, I felt the easiest way to "position the reader" (one of the English department's catch phrases) was to put up some photos by way of a teaser and then put some posts in to explain what's been going on since.  So in no particular order - and the order is not necessarily going to match the associated write ups - I give you the following:

Ale Dock - my 2mm Scale Association Diamond Jubilee Layout Challenge entry which had Covid-19 shut the world down have travelled to the UK this month.

My first attempt at a 3D printed N6.5 Narrow Gauge loco.  This is actually the Mk3 body as Mk's 1 and 2 didn't work.  

A second N6.5 loco body - this is the Mk 1 and worked but the Mk 2 works better.

Some N6.5 coaches.

What to do at work when you are there but the students are on Covid-19 lockdown - you remodel your desk and include a working diorama!

The 2018-2019 Supermeet Wagon - chassis built 2018, body done 2019.

So four things to write about in the next week or so.  These aren't the only things - I built an exhibition layout in the meantime too - but I'll start here.

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