Tuesday, February 9, 2010


On My Work Bench - a number of things really. I purchased at T2250 temperature controlled soldering station from Dick Smith about a week and a half ago. This was in response to the advice of fellow members of the 2mm Fine Scale Association Virtual Area Group who, very politely, suggested my Mitre 10 Iron wasn't really suitable. What a revelation. This has been such a joy to use. If you don't have such a beastie and you are becoming a bit more interested in the brass and nickle-silver kits around then I suggest, in the finest traditions of Dilmah - do try it.

So what have I done since the arrival of the latest tool? I have completed the Banana Van kit I got from Amity for our 4th Wedding Anniversary - I didn't read the instructions to start with which I have decided was a mistake (not fatal, but a mistake!) - and a Prestwin (well almost complete - a bit of the valve gear arrangement at the top of the tanks to do). I will post photos when I work out how to do this easily - Amity tells me there is a trick using some program she has but taking the photos is kind of necessary.

The next project is to make a Work Tray - the work bench as such is the dining room table - which I can keep all my stuff on and just take it out, plug the power into it and away I go with everything available - Iron, Lamp, Test Track - and more importantly, just unplug it, pick it all up and put it out of Hollie, Jessica and Hannah's reach.

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