Saturday, February 13, 2010


As promised, pictures of my recent efforts. Please bear in mind that these are a scale of 2mm:1 foot and the enlargements are cruel. They look pretty good in the flesh and from NVD.

This is a BR Banana Van to Diag 1/242. It was my wedding anniversary gift from SWMBO as the traditional gift for the 4th Wedding Anniversary is Fruit and Flowers. It is also the kit which I had a lot of trouble with and prompted the purchase of the T2250 solder station from DSE.

A BR Prestwin to Diag 1/277. A 2mm FSA kit which I have been eyeing off for a good number of years. As detailed elsewhere I joined the 2mm FSA in 2009 and purchased the kit, not expecting it to be as complicated as it ended up looking. I was right - it wasn't that complicated and I expect I will be making another couple to go with this one.

A Fencehouse replacement chassis kit for the Chivers BR Tube kit. I have 5 of these wagons and they have never run particularly well. I blame the maker as the rest of the kit went together very nicely with the minimum of fuss. Given I have trouble with my Parkside kits as well, I expect plastic chassis which are more complicated than Peco ones are beyond me. Fortunately I can get these instead!!!

Fencehouse's replacement for the Parkside Dundas 12' chassis. I have a few of these and like the Chivers ones, they don't run well. Now they will.

I really enjoyed putting the last three together, and once I had the good iron, I enjoyed the first too. I would stongly encourage people to have a go at etched kit construction, but invest in a good soldering iron first!

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