Sunday, October 31, 2010

LNWR 6 Compartment Brake 3rd

I made a start on this kit some time back but only got as far as putting in the drop lights on one side. I got back into it last night while Amity was at a Girls Night In and then put in another couple of hours again today.

This is a kit from Ultima and is of a D345 Arc Roof coach. I got it as a taster - now I am going to get the rest of the train (well, after a few more UFOs bite the dust) - and I am very pleased with how it is going. As the photo shows, there is still some tidying up to do at the step end, and the inside of the far end is a bit too heavy with solder - it won't be seen obviously but I am trying to be neat!!

The kit went together pretty easily. Putting on the drop lights and door vents was fairly time consuming - 8 of each per side. The running board had to be put on against the design of the etch - consultations with the drawings in my copy of David Jenkinson's "LNWR Carriages" showed the design location was too high. I have emailed Alan Cox (aka Mr Ultima/Etched Pixels) about it.

I am presently deciding if I am going to put the door knobs on. I think I will miss it - too tedious, likely to be buried under solder and/or paint. As for the rest - buffers I have so they will probably be added later this evening, the bogies have been ordered from the 2mmFSA and a Farish suburban has donated its roof.

As for painting - hopefully LNWR Plum and Spilt Milk. I think the Plum bit will be easy - spray the whole coach. The Spilt Milk will be the challenge. A mask would be handy - then I would be able to spray again - but the big challenge at present is getting the paint. Precision don't seem to get my e-mails so a phone call maybe necessary - or finding a new supplier since Kernow in Cornwall seem not to be renewing their stocking arrangements.

Of course, while getting the train of 5 or 6 coaches for St Alban's Abbey is easy, the engine isn't... Anyone know where I can get a Webb 2-4-2T or 0-6-2T kit?

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