Friday, October 22, 2010

LNWR Signal Box

I got the soldering iron out tonight - first time in a while - and made some progress on the Langley LNWR Signal Box kit I purchased back in August from the NGS.

So far so good. I haven't measured it but from looking at the photos of the one at St Alban's Abbey in the Oakwood Press book "The Watford to St Alban's Branch" I can already tell the windows on the kit are larger than the ones on the 'box at St Alban's. I am not too concerned - I will be able to fit the 25 leaver frame and the kit is much better than any attempt I could scratch build at this time.

A bit too much solder around the "convenience" door - will have to clean that up - and not so sure about the top step. Mind you the instructions are presently filed safely (i.e. I can't find them) so I will do a tidy up of my study and see if they turn up tomorrow.

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