Sunday, November 27, 2011

Victorian Railways K Class Part II

Progress has been made on K190 with some of the brass detailing bits having been done.  As you can see in the head on shot, the body isn't on square (and the handrail above the smoke box door needs fixing) but it does sit square - just not fitted correctly for the photo.  I still need to do a bit of cleaning up around the cab windows and add in things like the steps and so forth before painting in black.  I tried to organise it so the light would work on this one too (see the 3801 updates below) but almost drilled a hole in the middle of the smoke box so decided to abandon the project where it is.  I will paint the inside of the light silver prior to glazing.

The tender has had no work done as yet - I have to sort out the lack of bogies for it so inspiration has been hard to come by.


  1. Hi, my friend purchased an N scale K class. I was wondering if it was a badgerbits kit, if so, can you please scan up the instructions of the kit as my friend recieved no instructions on his kit while purchasing it. Thankyou for your time.

  2. It is a BadgerBits kit - I have PDF instructions. Drop me an email at and I will forward them on.