Monday, August 13, 2012

Bachmann WD8 on test (videos)

My Father's Day present this year is one of the new Bachmann WD8s.  It arrived from Hatton's via my parents Post Office box today - a bit early for Father's Day which is the 2nd of September but I wanted to make sure it was a) here and b) worked prior to the day.  Now that I have tested it, I have handed it over to the Shop 1 Groupie to wrap for the kids (who haven't seen it!) to give me on the day.

As there has been quite a bit of discussion on the N Gauge Yahoo Group about the haulage capabilities of these models, I thought I would do similar to the A3 I received recently and load test it.  The videos (I took two this time) are below.  Suffice to say I either have a great one or some people need to check their track and rolling stock a bit more carefully as this is the second one I have seen - the first having been present at the August LAG meeting where it hauled 14 Gresleys (but no more owing to fiddle yard congestion.) 

There is a mix of Peco and Farish wagons in the train and it is my complete tray of BR coal wagons minus one which currently has no wheels (nor paint as it happens!) but this was subbed with the brake van.  None of the wagons have been recently serviced so the free running and clean wheels are a bit of a mixed bag. 

The train is running in the opposite direction to the A3 - which means it comes off an S bend straight onto the grade up towards the camera in the long shot.  Given that the loco was purchased primarily to haul the collection of PoWs that the kids have given me (currently numbering 36) I am well pleased.  Incidentally, the length of the train is longer than the 24 Gresleys the A3 was hauling the other day. 

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