Sunday, August 19, 2012

Masterclass Models LNER Quad Art - Part II

As promised (albeit late owing to the camera going to a fifth birthday party yesterday!) here are some photos of the updates to the Quad Art.  The captions explain best I think:

The brake on the set - the last of the four done and therefore the best of the lot.  Handily since either the loco or the last vehicle get looked at the most at shows.  I put the plating over the doors as it was on the etch (and I didn't look carefully at the photos on-line nor read the blurb with them when building - turns out they are probably a BR addition so I will take them off since I am wanting more 1924 than 1954).

Shorty third - second from the end (well, depending on which end but it is the one next to the brake).  Another pleasing result - the roof needs a little bit more work to get it to fit neatly.  The gaps between the coach bodies are very small - I am not even convinced about 36 inch curves for these coaches but will have to see.  I am planning on a second set which I was going to put N gauge wheels into but I am doubtful it would run on my layout.

The first of the two longer coaches - no work done on the roof of this one at all.  It is just sitting on for the photo but needs a tiny bit of flash removed from the end which is sticking up - which is why it is sticking up!

The far end (from the brake).  This roof is a little bit banana shaped but doesn't require much to hold it flat so I am hopeful when it comes to gluing it will be sorted out.  You can just make out the thread holding the body on inside the coach here - and clearly can see the 10BA one providing the pivot for the two coach bodies resting on the common bogie to the left.  The gap is barely enough for the brass thread to get in there and the two center coaches are prone to listing like a ship in a heavy sea.

I am planning on finishing the set in all over teak similar to that on set 74 at the North Norfolk Railway - the black ends are a later change apparently.  Then there is the small (!) matter of a 3 on every door...  All this by November hopefully for the BRMA(Q) AMMC.

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  1. They look very good, well done!

    The black ends to these coaches would have been applied in the mid to late 1920's at the same time the lining was removed from the beading. This was applied to all non-corridor stock around this time although I'm sure some coaches remained in the earlier livery for longer depending when they next got overhauled.