Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Night Update - 28 September 2012

Trying to get back into the Friday night update habit and, by extension, getting some modelling done so there is something to update with!

So this week, I have two things - my WD8 which I got for Father's Day (the test haulage video is further down the blog) was the subject of weathering practice at this months Area Group meeting (which was back a couple of weeks!) but I have done some more with paints on it since.  There is still a bit more to do I feel to match the various published photos I had a look at - my preferred one being a shot of 90012 approaching Ais Gill Summit on the Settle and Carlilse.  I did think of renumbering my loco to match, but I suspect there will be a second one coming at some point, so I will do that then.  This one is for hauling mineral wagons, and the photo is of a mixed goods.
Initially I used some of my Tamiya weathering powders which work really well for putting the brown grime on the tender axle boxes and dulling down the numbers and crest.  The black provides a sooty feel but the various lighter shades didn't work well at all in producing the streaking effects which seem to be so common on these locos.  So out with the paint.  This isn't my preferred medium for weathering as it is a bit no-reversible once it has dried.  This is especially so with my preferred Humbrol Enamels.  The streaking from the safety valves was achieved with a dry brush and a little of the palest grey in the Humbrol range - can't remember the number at the moment but if you are interested get in touch.  A bit of matt black was dry brushed on behind the chimney which gave a much better sooty effect than the powders did.  As a result I think I will do a bit more with the paint and see what else I can manage.
The second item is actually an FOed UFO.  Long time readers will know I built an example of the NGS Kit 4 - the brass etch Sealion.  It has been languishing around waiting for transfers - being one of the older kits in the NGS range, it doesn't come with included transfers.  However, the hardworking transfers officer of the NGS has managed to get a set done which provide transfers both for Kit 4 and Kit 11 (which is a plastic kit for the later Seacow - really should be called a Dugong says the Australian in me!).  Unfortunately it doesn't actually say what is on the transfer or where on your model you should apply it.  So the Internet and Google (mostly to Paul Barlett's excellent website of photos) showed that there doesn't seem to be a universal location for the details, other than the data panel with the number goes on the LH end.  Comparing with my Farish RTR examples shows the NGS one is significantly different - being shorter to start with.  In the end, I decided I would please myself and stuck what looked like the right sort of thing in the right sort of place.  As this wagon will be joined by a couple of others - and something will be done about the coupling gap - I was pleased to see there is enough numbers to transfer 4 wagons.  Now if only the NGS would hurry up and produce some transfers for the Cartic 4 - I know Cambridge Custom Transfers do a set but that is for the prototype and they only do the one, and I drive a Holden, not a Ford.

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