Friday, January 16, 2015

Bogie Luggage Van

Readers with either very long memories or recently arrived and trawling though the back catalogue may remember the title as being attached to a post made back in April of 2010.  For those now curious see here for an explanation.

As it happens, I have been back on the UFOs – the perils of tidying the shed and having your wife ask what's with all the boxes in the bottom drawer…  My UFO drawer as it happens.  So Amity counted and decided there were too many and proclaimed “something must be done about that”.  Permission was sought and granted to do “something” at the kitchen table whilst various paper craft things were being done (we can be together dear) and so “something” has been done.  I’ve finished it. 


The windows were done with the Krystal Klear as suggested (correct spelling this time) and from what I could tell from photos, the only lettering was the vehicle number – at least in BR days.  In Southern days they had Luggage and Southern on them as well.  Either that, the rest was hidden under the layer of grime which seemed to be the correct livery from the 1950s as I would have assumed things like length and tonnage would have been somewhere.  I haven’t done the grime yet, but will get around to it in due course, especially as I have the weathering books by Tim Shackleton and want to try out some of his techniques. 

I remember how much fun it was to build – and I had only limited experience then.  I will most definitely be getting a couple more – one for painting in Pullman livery once Dapol bring out their WC/BB Pacific. 

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