Monday, January 12, 2015

South East Queensland Area Group Meeting – 10 January 2015

Time sure does fly.  3 years ago I started the combined 2mm Scale Association, N Gauge Society and British Railway Modellers of Australia Queensland N Gauge Group and I’d like to think it has been very successful in encouraging the various members of the three organisations (some wear two hats – I wear all three!) in their modelling.
For the start of 2015 we did something different – we went on the road for the first meeting.  This was in response to a planned renovation at your humble correspondent’s residence which, had it started when we would have liked, would have meant the place was a construction site as I type.  Alas for the plans of mice and men!  Still, David H was very obliging and offered his residence in lieu and we all had a great time. 
David has a US railroad taking shape in a spare room and is one of the mad men who has declaimed that he shall have a working 2mm scale layout by the 2nd Australasian Gathering – which is in August.  With 2 out of 4 points working well he is heading towards success.  The less said of the other declaimer's efforts the better at this stage!  Along with finding out we had an accidental member of the DCC club some work was done by a few of the Group towards their various projects.
This year’s major theme is building dioramas which fit in an archive box.  Anyone who is interested in the rules for same I’ll be happy to email them to you along with the necessary explanations for what a couple of the more localised rules mean.
The road show will continue until July at this stage – hopefully by then we are back to normal.  Certainly hopefully it will be all good by the Gathering dates of 21/22/23 August as it is supposed to be at the aforementioned humble correspondent's abode!

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