Saturday, March 13, 2010

Points - part II

The finished point! Very pleased - particularly that under gravity, a bogie will roll from the right hand track, though the point and drop off either of the two exit rails. No snags, no falling into the track. I don't think it is the right gauge - seems to be a little wide (I am using the 2mm track gauges to tell me this so it must be right) and I suspect the problem is it is flat bottom rail from Canada and I think it has a coarser profile than the 2mm FSA stuff does. Still, as a first up attempt I am very pleased - destined for the fiddle yard I think but I will work out the electronics, solder some droppers and run something (probably a light bulb as I don't have a loco yet) to see if there are electrical hassles, then paint and put in a box, awaiting a layout. Took just under 2 hours I think, over two nights. I will actually time the next one to see how long it takes - then do an Easitrac point to see how it goes for comparison but I think these ones will be easier to ballast.

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