Thursday, March 11, 2010


I made a start on my first bit of point work - and soldered track work - in 2mm Fine Scale tonight. The photo is a B7 RH Point. In the end, I only got about an hours work done what with the needs of the domestic authorities from time to time. I used one of the 2mm FSA jigs - I don't remember which one I ordered to be honest. I will have to sus it out so I know if I am doing the right thing!!! I also used flat bottom rail rather than the traditional bullhead. I originally purchased the FB rail to put on some NGS bogie bolster kits, and then found I had the wrong kits for carrying rail! So a use was found.

I am not aiming for neat or speed at this point. I will be glad if something runs though it 99% of the time as I suspect this one will be destined for the fiddle yard.

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