Thursday, January 20, 2011

Layout Part V - First part of the worst part (ballasting).

Amity and I started ballasting tonight.  While the track isn't complete (Parcel 1 of 2 - the missing one - turned up on Tuesday so track work is back on tomorrow evening I hope), Thursday Night is Train Night in the Knight household - and we both do "something" model railway related (just to make it fair, Tuesdays are spent Scrapbooking).  About the only thing we can both do until I sort out (ie tidy) the work bench (I now have one which isn't the dining room table!) is ballasting so we started. 

The ballast is the Woodland Scenics B75 Fine Grey.  First time I have used a proprietary ballast (previously it has been sieved sand and crusher dust) and first time I have ballasted before all the other scenery - it seems to be the 2mm way so I thought I would "go with the flow".

I made a start on the platform road - my efforts are shown in the picture.  The fact that the ballast isn't on the lower side (as you look at the photo) is because the platform isn't presently in place and so that bit will wait until then.  Amity made a start on the coal merchant's siding on the other side of the board as shown below.

Further updates tomorrow in the normal Friday Night Update.

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