Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm back...

Long time no blog!  Come to that, long time no trains either.  As many would know there has been some significant flooding here in Queensland - Google will provide you with pictures and if you are interested, Google "Premiers Flood Relief Fund" and make a donation.  Every little bit will help. 

Personally, I was very lucky.  Longreach's river flooded but the town was not, I was in Brisbane when the Brisbane River flooded but my parents were not flooded either.  The only inconvenience to me has been mail and perishable food.  On the mail front, two mail deliveries since before Christmas has seen Parcel 2 of 2 turn up from the 2mm Shop 1 but to date, Parcel 1 of 2 from the same place has not arrived.  Naturally the bits I really need are in Parcel 1.  The NGS Journal 6/10 arrived today (18th Jan). The parcel from Hatton's arrived in the other delivery which was on the 6th of Jan.

The other thing which delayed trains was the arrival of Lisa Lily on the 31st of December 2010.  Both mum and bub are doing very well - the Hatton's parcel referred to contained Lisa's Jinty which will be renumbered in due course to an LMS number rather than the BR one which it arrived wearing.

Today was the first day this year I did anything significant railway wise and I hope to have some photos and the story tomorrow.

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