Thursday, December 30, 2010

Layout Part IV - Templot and painting

Since the cricket was a debacle and since child number 4 is still coming (due 16/12 so a bit like the LNER - Late Never Early) I got stuck in and painted the track which I had completed (well most of it - the bits at the end of the loop haven't been done) and added droppers, and glued it down with PVA as seen in the pictures attached.  I have also purchased Templot - thanks to Geoff J who sent me some shots of what he had done, it tipped me over the edge and given the strength of the A$ v the Euro, Pound and US$ it was a steal! - and drew up the loop and associated points to get a better feel for how it will look - and I was able to check clearances too.
 Photo 1 shows the RH point heading to the platform, the bottom LH point having the road to the cattle dock heading from the toe (thanks to the couple of people who suggested swapping the cattle and the coal so the livestock was further from the platform!) and the arrival end of the loop.  The gap in the point work is because I printed the RH point later. 

These two photos show the layout from a birds eye view.  Mr Shop 1 tells me the missing bits were posted from the snow bound UK - which means having gotten thought Heathrow (!) they are probably flood bound somewhere in Queensland.  For those who haven't heard, an area the size of France and Germany combined is currently under water here - fortunately the only things affected for me are mail, and groceries however our own river managed to get to Minor Flood level this evening - it won't affect us in town I think.

As this is likely to be the last post for 2010 (Baby 4 is being given the hurry up tomorrow morning so I don't think the Friday Night Update will be happening!) I would like to wish all who read a Happy and Safe 2011.

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