Saturday, December 11, 2010

Track once more

I spent the evening making a start on the track for the Un-named Layout.  So far I have about a metre (3 feet 3 inches for those who don't understand metric!) done which comprises most of the road into the platform.  This has been done as one continuous piece - a little bit fragile as far as moving it about goes but since it will form an electrical block, it seems like a good idea.  I have built a LMS/BR (1-070 for the 2mm SA members reading) as shown below - it has a sleeper instead of the metal cross piece which solves the electrical break issue.
The eagle eyed will notice that the bit of track from the leading wheel of the 57xx to the buffers doesn't have chair plates while the rest does.  This is because the bit which ended up getting the buffers was the first of the trial pieces of track I built following fettling of the original jig I was sent - I couldn't see any good reason not to used it (and I had to shorten it as it happens to fit) and putting the buffers on it seemed like a good solution.  After all, the loco really shouldn't be getting too much closer than this now should it?

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