Monday, December 6, 2010

LNER D5 Horsebox

Some time back I managed to get via eBay 3 more Chivers LNER D5 Horsebox kits.  The one shown above is being finished in LNER "Teak" Brown paint - the other two are joining the original one I had in BR Crimson.

The brown is Precision Paints P60 - I don't think this would work for actual teak stock (so it won't be used in the NGS D113 BG kit which I would like to do in teak) but seems to be pretty good for the NPCCS stuff which was painted.

In other news I made a start on painting the LNWR Brake 3rd but painting the LNWR livery is proving to be a slow and frustrating process.  I did take a photo but won't be sharing!  I thought I had done a better job than the photo showed - and probably from NVD I did, but the enlargements is what you see here on the blog so I can't hide.  Ignorance is bliss they say and now that I am not as ignorant as I was last night, I will do some remedial work before showing it off.

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