Sunday, November 28, 2010

LBSCR Stroudley Brake 3rd

A further photo update.  This is the Etched Pixels Stroudley Brake 3rd kit which I made a start on on Friday last.  Still need to get some bits and work out how to glaze and fit the roof.  I also have to work out what to do about an interior.  Amity is supposed to be building the 4 coach rake but decided I should do one to see how it goes before she does the rest.  Might have to get a second solder station so we can solder together as I don't think she will be interested in using the old kit (assuming we can find it - it got sacked when the new one arrived!).

The kit is pretty straightforward and a simple entry kit enabling those LBSCR liveried Terriers to get trains - we got these for Boxhill.  (Stepney will get something else I think - possibly a well wagon with an Austin 7 on it and a brake van full of cricketers...)  There are a few niggles I have - mostly to do with the sticking on of the roof (which I would rather solder) and the effect this has on being able to glaze the coach - but I think it is fair to say they are amongst the earlier Etched Pixels designs and I suspect like most things, learning curves tend to be steepest at the start.

Rather than putting it on a Peco chassis I suspect these will end up on the replacements from the 2mm SA for no other reason than being able to have better wheels and buffers than the Peco offerings.  There will also be the opportunity to do different couplings as well.

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