Sunday, November 14, 2010

Photo update

So this is what I have done this weekend. Weather definitely no good for spray painting (in fact the roads out of town to the north and south are closed to all traffic, the one heading east is open to 4WDs and trucks only and I suspect it is only a matter of time before the one heading west is likewise) so will leave it alone!

As mentioned, I have finished the two 8' LNWR bogies from the 2mmSA and fitted same to the Ultima LNWR 6 Comp Brake 3rd. I have also shorted a Farish LMS Suburban roof to fit - next thing to do is clean the roof up and start fitting vents and what not!

The piece of track under the coach is from the first round of fettling on the rouge jig I got - almost fixed it to my satisfaction and a few more passes with the rule and 180 grit paper (as suggested by Henk) should sort it. As it happens, the guys in the UK are far too organised and a replacement is already heading my way - thanks Owen (Shop 1) and the previously mentioned Alan, Jim and Geoff.

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