Sunday, November 28, 2010

LNWR Signal Box - part 2

Here is a picture of progress on the LNWR Signal Box for St Alban's Abbey.  I had a look at the pictures I have of the box and discovered that the effort I had gone to with making sure the "convenience" fitted was in vain as this wasn't fitted until at least the late 1950's and I am intending on modelling the station in LNWR days.  So off it had to go.  The end wall as seen in the first photo further down the blog has been used to fill the hole in the etch - not sure why there was one to be honest as having it as an add on surely would have been easier.

I have also shortened the roof to be a push fit to the building - again the pictures show there was no over hang at each end.

Interior wise the 25 levers of the frame have been fitted as has a table and chair - there are two chairs on the etch so another one to go.  I am presently trying to work out how to fit the stove (which is white metal so will be put on last with some glue prior to painting) and a ledge near the stairs for a couple of fire buckets or similar.

As mentioned in the original post, the kit isn't 100% accurate for St Alban's Abbey - the windows being too deep being the chief fault.  As such, I am not worrying too much about the slightly more ornate ends either and may modify the paint job as shown in the only colour photo I have.  As this has a green DMU passing the box - with a different type of convenience hanging on next to the door than the one in the kit - I am not too worried.

The box is nearly complete.  I am going to fit some bits to help locate the floor so I can have it as a drop in piece - making it easier to paint.  The roof is also going to be separate so the interior can be seen from time to time.

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