Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Night Update

Well the planned track building session hit a snag. The jig for putting chairplates on the sleepers works well. The jig for putting rail on the chairplates once they are on the sleepers does not. Readers of the 2mm VAG will know the whole saga. Thanks to Geoff, Alan and Jim the wheels are in motion already to sort. Also thanks to Henk for a suggestion which may be the quickest and easiest solution. Stay tuned.

Rather than wasting the evening, I made a start on the pair of LNWR 8' bogies which turned up with all the track stuff for fitting under the Ultima coach mentioned previously. I have done the bogie for the guard's end - footboards etc. Just the other to go. Will probably knock it over tomorrow and, assuming the weather fines up, paint them on Sunday afternoon - in between doing the first round of reports for the end of the school year. Photos then - hopefully the weather will at least be kind enough for that, if not the painting.

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