Wednesday, December 8, 2010

School's out for summer...

I started my 7 week annual summer holiday at COB last Friday.  Since then I have managed to get quite a bit of time at the Workbench (thanks to an understanding wife and 2 well trained daughters.  D3 (who isn't yet 2 years old) isn't quite as well trained and tipped the gluey water mix I use for transfers over me, the floor and the table today, but no serious damage done.  Training has been intensified in this respect!

So what have I done you ask?  Well today was a day of transfers...
The top three rows of wagons (and loads) were done today, in and around entertaining D2 from time to time. 

Starting at the top - NGS Kit 18 - LMS Van Twin Pack.  These have been lettered and numbered using the Modelmaster transfers found in MMT073 (for the fitted - with BR numbers) and MMT571 (for the unfitted in LMS livery).  Second row is 4x NGS Kit 3.  These have been done in LMS livery using numbers and tare weights from MMT571 and letters from MMT576.  The third row of Peco Conflat A kits has been done using MMT570.

The bottom row is part of what I have been doing the last couple of days.  As mentioned in my previous post, I was in the process of doing a Chivers Finelines LNER D5 Horsebox in LNER Painted Teak.  This is now at the stage of needing a couple of small corrections to the paint job and then transfers.  In looking up details, I discovered that my original livery was wrong in a couple of places - firstly I didn't have black ends and secondly, the solebars were painted teak to match the body - something which I hadn't done either.  These have both been fixed.  I glazed the model using Microscale Kristal Klear and then painted the WC windows white from the inside.  Naturally, I learnt about the WC after I fixed the roofs but they were persuaded to part company with the bodies with a minimum of fuss and no damage so all fixed.  Just left to transfer these up.  I am considering raiding the transfers from the NGS Mk 1 Horsebox kit - certainly one of the lines of lettering saying "Return to Leyburn" will probably get a run as Leyburn is the subject of a layout being constructed in South East Queensland.

Additionally I glazed one side of the Ultima SR BG kit which started the trend into brass kits - see along time back in the blog for details of this vehicle! - and I have been working on two Ultima LMS 42' CCT's which hopefully will be finished off by the weekend.  They are at the stage of needing their transfers done.  One of these kits was purchased at the 2mm SA Expo at Huddersfield in 2000 - so a long time getting out of the UFO pile!  Back then it was 15 quid - I still have the box I purchased it in.  The second one was purchased this year - for 15 quid!  Inflation in Model Railways??  Sez who!

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