Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Update

That horrible thing which gets in the road of hobbies took over more than I expected last week so progress on the tree has only moved one more step from where I left it - although having washed it this evening to get rid of the surplus flux I am hoping to get the next step done this evening when it dries and then further steps tomorrow (school holidays here in Queensland and there should be a couple of hour window in the morning).

In other news, a bag arrived from the NGS Shop today with packets of transfers, N'spirations 3 and 4, their first Ready To Plonk Building and a brass etch for a ballast hopper.  Still to come is the original version of the Cartic4 so this will keep me out of mischief I am sure.

Thanks to those readers who have recently gotten touch via email about Stroudley coaches and the 48.  I know Blogger isn't the easiest thing to communicate via so please don't hesitate to email me at if you would like to offer advice or ask a question - or even to see extra photos.

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