Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Station Furniture

The above is some furniture which I have been doing at odd times - mostly if all I could find was 15 minutes to half an hour.  The two hand carts and long seat are destined for St Alban's Abbey as is the single seat although the latter is for the signalman to sit in between trains.  The seat comes from the LNWR signal box etch previously mentioned.  There is a second seat to do, and the table has already been put in place on the floor of the 'box otherwise it would have been in the picture too.  The other bits are from Shirescenes (I think) via the NGS Shop - LNWR seats (of which I have another 5) and GNR luggage trolleys (only the 2 in the photo).  As St Alban's Abbey was a LNWR/GNR joint station, it seemed reasonable to populate it with bits from both, although as it was principally LNWR operated and built, there will be a definite bias in the furniture - hence the seats.  I would imaging the GNR would have, at some point, brought in the luggage trolleys, just so they could put bags on to announce to the world whose train the owners were using!

They are delightful little things to do - I had a mind of putting a coin in but not having anything English, and putting an Australian one wouldn't really help the majority of the readers, it will have to wait - my parents are coming out for DD1's birthday in a couple of weeks so I will get Dad to bring me a 20p coin and re-shoot then as some reference to size I think would be handy!

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