Sunday, June 5, 2011


When the Farish Mk 1 Pullman's came out I, like I suspect a few did, got enough for a prototypical rake.  At the time, Farish didn't have a record of bringing out different numbers so I assumed, wrongly as it turned out, that the ones available were it.  I wasn't worried as I know the NGS had transfers which would fix this - MMT402 if you are interested - and I duly purchased same.  Now as it happens, Farish did the B numbers which had new names and numbers so had I been patient I would not have needed to do what I did last night (having finally gotten a roundtuit!).  The picture above shows the newly done side of Magpie (which was going to be Swift as this fitted a bit better but the first Swift was cracked and I lost the T before I realised - so Magpie was picked as being Australian!) and Car No 333.  Magpie was Eagle and 333 was 332 so the changes on the Second Class Car were very minimal.

I painted over the bits I didn't want with Precision Paints Pullman Umber - with a small brush and a bit of care, no damage was done to the lining around the words so this is the original printing.  As it happens, the E in Magpie seems to be missing a bit of the lower stem, but it isn't obvious on the coach and the other side is fine so I will just have to watch which way round it runs.  Good side to the Punters obviously.

This effort was about 15 mins work - and a couple of hours making sure the paint was dry!  If anyone is looking to do something similar, I have the rest of the transfers, free to a good home.  Just get in touch.  All there except for Magpie, a couple of 3s and one Swift.  One of the borders was used to fix up a worn line on the other side of 333.

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