Thursday, August 18, 2011

GER Cattle Wagon revisited

I found some buffers when I was tidying up my workbench so I have pressed on (despite fighting whatever dreaded lurgy there is travelling around Longreach at present) and fitted these and painted the wagon.  Still have to do transfers and then weather.

Last post I said I would try and take some pics of the interior.  Members of the VAG will have seen the results of these - they served their purpose but weren't especially good shots of the model.  This photo shows the interior in what I think is more likely circumstances - still shows up, but not worth the hassle I think to do much with.

Hopefully I will have a productive weekend - as this wagon is for the W&U collection and progress is being made on the DG couplings on the Fruit Vans, I am hopeful of starting on train 3 over the weekend. 

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