Sunday, August 28, 2011

Painted GER Wagons

I have had a go at painting the Prize Cattle Van and the Fruit Van but I am not too pleased with the results.  The biggest hassles are getting good coverage of the white - on the Fruit van there has been a bit too much of a build up around the vents for example - and the painting around the louvers on both.  Part of the problem is I am limited to a brush so the coats are thin and take time but probably aren't thin enough.  I think I will strip both when I get back to Brisbane at the end of the year and redo with an air brush - at least that way I can prime in grey, paint white then mask and paint LNER Teak.  I am working on the basis that they are 1920s version and by this stage, rather than varnish (as was done in early GER days) the works painted.

The second of the Fruits is at the stage of needing buffers and the underfloor stuff done (the pair above need some detailing bits done under the floor too but as these will be in plastic and then painted black, it isn't critical at the moment!) but I will have to organise with Shop 2 some buffers before anything else happens there.


  1. 2-072 turned brass wagon buffers are in stock. Don't hang about, though: they are flying through the door.

  2. Hi, any updates on Elm Road, have the baseboards appeared in the last 4 years?
    Although half the scale of what I model and the other side of the world, the line modelled, (or planned to be modelled,) is the same :)

  3. Hi Nick,

    Sadly no. The project is still alive - albeit just - but time and what not has well and truly gotten in the way. I am hoping to get a loco working by November for my local club's modelling competition and assuming I find the time to get the points working on Swallow's End, I will have made significant progress towards getting something done.

    Thanks for your comment - it does help to fire the enthusiasm!