Saturday, August 20, 2011

More GER Wagons

Having gotten inspired following the progress on my GER Cattle Wagon from the 2mmSA and the drawing closer of train 2 for the proposed Elm Road layout (base board building is slated for January BTW) I decided to hook in and get started on train 3.  Those familiar with W&U books will be also familiar with "The Sweeper Train" as Amity and I have dubbed it.  Basically it is a picture of a mixed train of two GER Sundry Vans, a GER Prize Cattle Van, something which looks like a GWR Python (but probably isn't!) Brake 16, a bogie tramcar and a 4 wheel tramcar, all hauled by G15 (Y6) No. 0125.

Long suffering readers will remember back in March or so last year (2010 - helps to put this in for readers in 2012...) we got some etches (some?  Heaps!) from David Eveleigh to put together the stock of the W&U.  These etches included most of this train.  The 4th vehicle is the only one missing (the one which looks like the GWR Python to this untrained eye).  So I have been doing stuff towards this.

First up is the GER Prized Cattle Wagon.  As it happens one is still in existence and is in store at the North Norfolk Railway.  A picture of one way back when is here.  Pity it is in B&W because I have spent some time this afternoon trying to work out if these wagons were painted a la Passenger Stock (ie Teak) or having being converted to fruit conveyance (hence its appearance in The Sweeper Train in 1921) to GER Slate Grey (and therefore the colour the GER Cattle Wagon in the previous post).  I am pretty sure they didn't make it into Crimson, which is what coaching stock was painted in from 1919.

David's etch for this is merely the body.  Chassis and Roof along with other bits and pieces as required the problem of the builder.  This one is running on the same chassis as the Cattle Wagon but with both sides braked.  The roof is a spare one I had around, still have to remove the last vestiges of the rain strips as the roof was for something longer!

Second up we have one of the two Sundry Vans which appear at the front of the train in question. This time all the required bits other than wheels, bearings, coupling and the hand rail seen over the steps are included. Again, my research hasn't convinced me of the livery for this wagon, but it was still classified NPCCS in 1921 so I suspect it was teak.  The photo which I am working off, does have the tramcars in a much darker shade of grey - and the bogie one has a white roof suggesting recent shopping and thus painting.  This would make the tramcars in the Lake livery which No 7 is currently in at the NNR and the rest of the train in...

Amity suggested I should paint the two wagons in what I think is the correct livery, post the pictures and sit back and await developments.

The Prize Cattle wagon was at a running stage prior to the weekend, merely requiring the roof to be added along with the DG.  The Sundry Van was started yesterday evening so is the work, on and off, of just on 24 hours.  I am aiming to have the second one completed prior to going back to work on Monday.

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