Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Night Update - 23 March

Footy comes back tomorrow night (that is Australian Rules - the Rugby League has been going for a while but I don't follow the code) and with Amity (aka the Shop 1 Groupie and purchaser of great Christmas Presents) out playing scrapbooking I took the opportunity to get back into Friday night work sessions.

This isn't to say stuff hasn't been happening - stuff has, just not something which is photogenic!

Tonight's effort for example was to get out of the track I took off Swallow's End when I decided it needed to be lifted and re-done as I wasn't satisfied.  Now this was some months ago - August last year I think from memory (known to be faulty) but with the last term of my Year 12s last year, followed by the move from Longreach to Brisbane and setting up the Train Shed and other priorities (unpacking and doing jobs for SWMBO!) I haven't gotten around to it.  Tonight I did.  Essentially it involved making sure all pieces of track had the appropriate amount of sleepers and all sleepers were soldered properly - some hadn't been done as well as I thought when I pulled it all up.  Now this is a necessary, but time consuming job when making hand made track.  I think I am about half way though.  To be honest, I think making new pieces may have been a bit quicker but I am learning quite a lot so not a total loss!  No photos - nothing worth photographing. 

Another session tomorrow - and being a bit sick of track, I think I may do some stuff for the back yards I am wanting to put in behind my Kestral (Kestrel?) semi-detached houses.  The inspiration for what I am going to do with these can be found in Nspirations 3 for those with a copy.

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