Wednesday, March 14, 2012

South East Queensland Area Group

I am very pleased to announce that, having had two successful meetings, a combined N Gauge Society, 2mm Scale Association and British Railway Modellers of Australia group has been established, meeting on the second Saturday of the month in my train shed.

The initial meeting was held in February and attracted 7 modellers (with 2 apologies from the invitations sent out) with a plan being made for a soldering demonstration for March.  Only 6 gathered for March (again with apologies so not too worried!) and the demonstration was judged a success with some confidence being gained and light being shone on the dark art.

The April meeting is going to investigate the thorny issue of couplings and, more specifically, hands off shunting.  My layout is equipped with electromagnets for use with the Peco system which I have used to good effect for over 10 years, but this does tend to mean all wagons need to have a Peco chassis (or the coupling replaced with a Peco one).  I have some MicroTrains fitted US stock but haven't explored this option.  The discussion will most likely centre around the fitting and operation of DG couplings as one member uses these, one has built these and two expressed an interest in learning more.

Naturally, members of the aforementioned Associations are very welcome to get in touch if they happen to be in South East Queensland for dates and times, along with contact phone and address info.  Public transport is handy too.

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