Saturday, November 10, 2012

BRMA (Q) AMMC 2012 - my entries.

Next weekend (17 November) is the BRMA(Q) Annual Model Making Competition (AMMC).  Now in its 9th year, there are 7 categories for competition from which an overall champion model is selected.  I have been a keen entrant pretty well every year (there was at least one where I didn't have time to finish models in the categories I was eligible in - you can't defend your trophy as winning makes you ineligible for the following year's competition) usually in the modified RTR categories (both locomotives and rolling stock) and in the kit built rolling stock section.  Last year I managed to win the scratch built line side structure and diorama sections.  To date I haven't entered the kit or scratch built locomotives nor modified line side kit sections.  My plan was to do both, along with the three other categories I was eligible to enter.
Well time and what not have conspired against me getting the modified line side kit model done - I had planned on modifying the Kestrel semi-detached house kit, having been inspired to have a go at it by an article in 'Nspirations 3.
The rest are sorted.  I have two entries in Category A for the first time ever - a Skytrex/Fleetline LMS Garratt as BR 47975 and the Knightwing kit for LMS 10000.  For Category B - the modified RTR locos - I have finished off detailing a Peco Jubilee which was repainted into BR Green some years ago.  Category C (the kit or scratch built rolling stock) sees a NGS Sealion paired with a Shark from the same supplier (you have to have two wagons or one coach) as one entry and a pair of HBA hoppers as barrier wagons for a FNA Flask wagon - all from TPM.  As the rules of the competition state there needs to be at least two modellers in the competition, I have decided to put my ERG conversion of a GNER TGS MkIII into the Prince of Wales Saloon from the Royal Train.  I don't expect it to rate highly to be honest, but hopefully someone else who has made a significant effort with their models will be recognised as a result.
10000 was finished today - one week early - along with 45565 (the Jubilee).  47975 has been finished for a while - I had planned on entering it last year but realised on the day it only had numbers on one side so felt it would be a bit of a con to put an manifestly unfinished model into the competition. The wagons have similarly been ready to go for a while - I was ineligible for Cats C and D last year.  So one week to go - results next week.  In the meantime - a picture of 10000.

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