Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Best laid plans...

As mentioned at the start of the month, I went and manned a demo desk at the Brisbane Miniature Train Show.  Naturally I was, like Caesar, ambitious with what I hoped to do.

To give some idea, I took with me the Chivers kits which appeared in the previous post, along with 3 Black 5s to renumber, 4 Dapol MkIIIs to likewise renumber and a few other bits and pieces.  Given that I was only there for 4 hours you can see what I mean about ambitions.

In the event, I did manage to get the black paint on the Chivers kits and made a bit of progress on renumbering the Black 5s.  There was also a lot of talking and I did have a look around the show.   As a modeller, I was disappointed, as most of the layouts were more toy train sets on steroids but there were glimmers here and there.  Given that it was a new venue, I suspect a few of the more serious enthusiasts had decided to give it a miss until they could have a look at the set up.  Maybe next year there will be a few more models.  Standout model was Esk, a QR layout modelled on the station of the same name in the Brisbane Valley.

Since AMRA I have managed to get some transfers onto the Chivers kits - but having decided to do them in LMS livery I have found this takes much longer than doing the same for BR.  For one, there is more transfers to put on and for two, I have managed to find some pictures of prototypes on preserved railways so I am trying to mimic these - but this has its one pitfalls, chiefly that the NGS transfer sets for LMS wagons do not include the right numbers so it is a cut and paste job.

In a couple of weekends, the Toowoomba Train Show is on - I am hoping to go and take the collection of 2mmSA etched kits that I have promised a mate I'd build and get stuck in.  In the meantime, I will hopefully get some pictures up on Friday night - and try to bring back the Friday Night Update!

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